Why I named my blog “Stand Up and Speak Out”

11 Aug

Growing up, I was never one to stir the waters.  I ran from confrontation.  I tried to agree with everyone and make sure everyone was happy.  The only problem with that: I wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t saying what I wanted to say, but just nodded along instead.  I didn’t stand up for myself, never spoke my mind, and as a result, never thought my opinion counted for much.  But everyone’s opinion counts for something.  Over time, this thought finally sunk into my brain.  I started standing up for myself and the causes in which I believed.  I spoke up about my thoughts against the war, for women’s rights, and the treatment of animals.  And while I am still not a fan of confrontation, I stand up for myself when others try to hurt me.

There’s a common expression that goes, “Sit down and shut up.”  Pretty much, the first good chunk of my life was doing just that.  I think the expression is awful.  People need to stand up and speak out for what they believe.  Whether it be political, feminist, racial, or something else, everyone’s opinion deserves to be heard.

My blog will vary from personal essay to rants on politics to short story and everything inbetween.

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