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07 May
In seven short months I'll be turning the big 3-0.  To mark this
momentous event, I want to throw one kick-ass party. However, I am
poor and cannot afford to throw one kick-ass party.  But perhaps there
is a way around having to foot the bill.

A few months back I was watching TV when a commercial came on.  I
didn't pay much attention to it but the general concept was people
young and old blowing out candles, opening presents and being happy in
the presence of family and friends.  Everyone was smiling and laughing
and having a really great time.  Then a voice over announced that The
American Heart Association was the sponsor of birthdays.

Bingo! I have a birthday and a need for someone to foot the bill or
sponsor my party.  Why not have the AHA do it?

I know that they won't really be able to (plus I don't want to take
money away from their life-saving projects).  But ever since I saw
that commercial, I've noticed a few other companies also sponsoring
ideas.  Intel is the sponsor of tomorrow and a jewelry
store where I live proudly displays a banner that says, "Sponsors
of Happily Ever After".

Now, I get that these types of sponsors are free for the companies but
what if there was a law that they had to pay out?  If the world ends
(in 2012 or later), would Intel pay us great sums of money because
tomorrow never came?  Of course, they would have to pay us in the
afterlife, if you believe in such a thing.  And what about the jewelry
store?  Say your significant other leaves you.  Will they pay for
the divorce proceedings?

Perhaps the law should be the opposite.  If the world continues to
exist, if tomorrow does come, then Intel would have to pay everyone.
The jewelry store would have to pay each couple for every day they
stayed together.  That would definitely solve money issues that many
marriages have.
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