I went to Virginia and all I got was this red neck.

16 May

I am officially on vacation for the next seven days.  Yesterday I flew out to Virginia to visit my sister for the first half of my vacation.  The day began stressful because I had no assigned seat on my first flight.  Upon Dad’s recommendation, I got to the airport an hour and a half early and went straight for the United counter where I stood in line for 10 minutes only to be told that I would get my seat at the gate.  However, there was no gate listed for my flight, just a concourse.  So I went to the only United gate that was open only to wait another 30 minutes while the sole worker checked in a flight to Chicago.  When he was finally done and I could ask my simple question, he informed me that seats would be assigned 30 minutes before the flight.  Already I’d wasted a lot of time, not to mention sleep I’d lost the night before worrying about getting on my flight.  I was mad and geared up for a fight if they were going to charge me for the “economy plus” seat or if they didn’t have a seat for me at all.  When they finally called up people waiting for assigned seats to the counter, I stood in yet another line and started bitching to the guy behind me.  He’d gotten to the airport 4 hours early, though, and had much more to be upset about.  Still, I thought that the customer service could have been a lot better.

Everything was fine, though.  I got a seat and was able to get my connecting flight.  The short but bumpy flight left me feeling a little sick.  It wasn’t until my sister, Jess, picked me up and drove away that I realized I’d left my iPod on the plane (my very expensive, I-couldn’t-afford-to-replace-it iPod).  We immediately turned around and thankfully someone had turned it in so I was able to get it back.

We then headed to a small putt-putt course in Charlottesville.  I consistently got holes-in-six while Jess had three holes-in-one and many more holes-in-two.  It was while we were sweating on the course that I realized I had no suntan lotion.  The last time I was out for an extended amount in a blazing sun, I’d been burnt to a crisp.  It didn’t happen this time, although my freckles popped out on my face and arms (that’s what I get for having fair skin and red hair!).  No, I did not get a red neck but I was worried there for a little bit.

After refueling with some cold water, Jess and I went to a vegan potluck, which she found on  It was great to sit and chat with like-minded people.  There was a wide variety of food and no one had to worry about the ingredients.  We stuffed ourselves full of veggie calzones, baked ziti, guacamole, chocolate chip cookies, potato salad, and “Hostess” cupcakes, among other things.  We had lots of laughs and good conversations.  I just hope that the next time I come to see Jess that there is another potluck!

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