He shall rise!

18 Jun

A few days ago, I posted about the burning of Touchdown/Big Butter Jesus.  The Solid Rock Church in Ohio announced that they will rebuild the giant Jesus statue.  Little has been released so far about what the statue will be like and when it will be built.  Right now the church is working with different artists for designs and cost estimates (source:

The plans to rebuild the statue makes me wonder what the Solid Rock Church is thinking.  Sure, the statue has been a good symbol for them and has gotten them a lot of press.  But if the “graven image” was struck down by an act God (as surely all weather must be), shouldn’t they refrain from building another statue?

Ten Commandments forbids graven images.  In this respect, Solid Rock Church is working against God’s will.  Yet, one click on their website and a window pops up with a message explaining that God Himself “used the statue to touch” those who saw it.  So, essentially, they are saying that God used a forbidden (by Himself!) statue to reach out to humanity.  To this I scratch my head.  Right here is one of the many things I don’t understand about theology: the lack of logic and consistency.  The church, according to God’s doctrine, did something outright forbidden, was smitten and yet they say the statue was what God wanted?

Of course, I am assuming that this Christian church believes in the Ten Commandments.  The “Guiding Principles” and “How to Become a True Christian” pages on the website make no mention of following the Ten Commandments.*  So perhaps the patrons of the Solid Rock Church have forsaken the commandments of God and decided instead to go with the parts of the Bible that best fit their lifestyle.  It’s just one more experience I’ve had with Christians doing just that.

And people wonder why I’m not a Christian.

*I did not search the entire site.  If someone finds the Ten Commandments on there, please let me know.


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One response to “He shall rise!

  1. Donna

    June 18, 2010 at 10:51 am

    Isn’t that the truth? My experience exactly—mold the religion to work in your favor. I was raised Christian and saw this happening around me all of the time.


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