My BA in English allows me to make up words

19 Jun

I make up words. Usually it’s not something I do on purpose. Instead, my mind thinks of two synonyms and combines them into one word. I end up using this new word aloud before the logical part of my brain registers that what I’m saying isn’t actually English. This results in a lot of weird stares from friends and family.

So, to prevent any further confusion, I am building a dictionary of words that you may hear me using.* (Currently, I only can think of a few words, which I use most often but I will continue to add on entries as new words are invented.)

Dwaddle (v.) = dawdle + waddle
(1) to walk slowly in a place of business while rhythmically swaying back and forth. I have errands to run and I can’t dwaddle in the bookstore.

Skiddle (n.) = skillet + griddle
(1) a flat, square pan. I made pancakes on the skiddle.

Fruitile (adj.) = futile + fruitless
(1) an attempt ending with little or no results. His attempt to pick up the lesbian was fruitile.

Sourly (adj.) = salary + hourly
(1) the type of payment received for services, used most when the payment period changes frequently. I used to clock in and out for work, then I had a base wage but it keeps changing. I get paid sourly.

Chick (v.) = choose + pick
(1) to select (an item). Let’s play a game. You chick.

*Let’s call it Lizgon. That’s Liz (me) with jargon.


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One response to “My BA in English allows me to make up words

  1. Jen

    June 20, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I frequently use “stummy” and stumbled upon “perple” one (awesome) day:
    Stummy = Stomach + tummy
    “My stummy’s rumblin’!”
    Perple (pronounced purple) = person + people.
    when you don’t know whether to use the singular or plural


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