Not a fun way to wake up

02 Jul

I just spent the better part of the morning re-doing my state taxes.  It’s past April 15th, you say?  I know.  I originally filed my state taxes in March but then recently received a notification that there were inconsistencies in my calculations.  I believed I was owed $152 and they said that I was owed only $1.

After looking over my copy of the tax forms with Mom, we discovered that I didn’t fill out one line that would give me a $3000 renter’s deduction.  One line!  I realize that this is my mistake but I still scratch my head.  When I filed my federal taxes, I missed the “Making work work for you” (or something like that) but I was still credited the $400 dollars.  Whoever is checking the federal taxes caught my mistake that was to my benefit and automatically corrected it.  Yet, whoever is checking the taxes within my state, they couldn’t look up from the bottom of the worksheet to the top where I’d broken down all the math?  Before this, my thought would have been the other way around: federal misses our mistakes because of the millions of people sending in forms but state catches all mistakes because not nearly so many forms that need to be looked through.

It also bothers me that someone who is making so little in the first place be given so little back.  Yes, we all have to pay taxes and I’m fine with that.  But when you make as little as I do, every deduction counts.  That renter’s deduction alone was a difference between a $152 return or $1 return.  Granted, I still didn’t owe anything but it’s money that I literally sweated for and deserve to keep.

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