F*ck this blog

11 Jul


I will be using many curse words (particularly one word over and over again) so if you are easily offended by such things, read no further.

We good?  Okay, here it goes…

I stumbled upon the book Fuck This Book by Bodhi Oser years ago when at an alternative media convention.  The book consists of pictures of signs where one word (sometimes more) is replaced with a sticker that reads “fuck”.  A simple “Do Not Feed the Pigeons” becomes “Do Not Fuck the Pigeons”.  An innocent Citi ad turns dirty, yet is still relevant: “Having a fuck shouldn’t be considered a guilty pleasure”.  Pictures range from perverse to hilarious to so-wrong-I-shouldn’t-be-laughing-but-I-can’t-stop.  There’s even a website:  You can even order your own “fuck” stickers and make your own hilarious signs.  Fans are also encouraged to take pictures of their fuck signs and email them to the website.  Even better, the stickers are non-damaging so the possibility of damaging public or private property is of no concern.

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