Veggie burger in paradise

04 Aug

Whenever I order a veggie burger at a restaurant, I ask if the patty is grilled with the regular burgers.  More often than not, they are.  For a vegetarian, this defeats the purpose of a veggie patty.  Hell, it defeats the purpose for a health nut because they’re still getting the grease from the burgers on theirs.  Last I checked, Chilis and Denny’s were both perpetrators but one that isn’t: Cheeseburger in Paradise.

I never would have gone to Cheeseburger in Paradise if it hadn’t been for Judy, a pesco-vegetarian*.  Still, before I ordered my veggie burger, I checked with the waiter.  “Are the veggie burgers cooked with the regular burgers?” I asked.  His answer surprised me.  “Everything has a separate grill.  One grill for the beef burgers, one for the turkey burgers, one for the grilled chicken, and one for the veggie burgers.”  I cannot describe how ecstatic I was to hear this.  Why didn’t other restaurants do this as well?  Pushing aside space issues, this is really a great idea.  What if someone had a severe allergy to, say, chicken but their beef burger was cooked right next to a chicken patty?  Or on the same space a chicken patty had just been and the grill wasn’t cleaned between the two?  Why risk contamination and a possible lawsuit?  More restaurants should take a page from Cheeseburger in Paradise’s book.  Not only are they safe for vegetarians and those plagued with allergies, but they have a little something for every taste.

*Pesco-vegetarians eat fish but not meat.

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