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27 Aug

My long weekend: Day Four

Today I found out that I am not actually dating Fredo from The Godfather. I am dating Clark Griswald of National Lampoon. Oh, he still looks like Fredo but he (self admitted) acts like Clark. Perhaps I should elaborate.

All summer Fred has wanted to go to an amusement park. We missed out on one during our trip to Michigan because of unfavorable weather. I’d been shuffling my feet back and forth as Fred attempted to talk me into a trip to King’s Island in Cincinatti. Fred seeks thrills while I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. But a good partner will challenge you to face your fears and that’s what Fred did. So we decided to take a road trip to Holiday World in Santa Clause, Indiana (in the southern tip) because it has the tamest rides of all the parks around. After dropping Jess off at the airport early on Tuesday, Fred and I made the three and a half hour trip to the amusement park.

It was a beautiful day so we drove with the windows down. The roads cut through farmland and tree spotted hills. As we finally neared Holiday World, the crest of one of the rollercoasters rose out of the trees. Surprisingly, I didn’t wet myself. We turned the corner and immediately noticed that something was wrong. The rides were stilled and the parking lot was completely empty.

“I can’t believe it!” Fred exclaimed. We both cursed a little bit but then started to laugh. It was more of a “If I don’t laugh I’ll cry” kind of a laugh, though.

“Well, what now?” I asked. There wasn’t anything else to see or do in Santa Clause.

“Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom isn’t too far from here.”

“Okay,” I replied, “but first why don’t you look up their hours on your Blackberry.”

Fred scrolled through his internet search and then cursed again. “Kentucky Kingdom permanently closed their doors earlier this year! I can’t believe it! I never got a chance to go there!”

“Well, what about Mammoth Cave?” I suggested. It was no amusement park but we enjoyed walking around nature.

“That’s kind of far. How would you feel about King’s Island?”

I shook my head. “Also too far.”

We got out the road atlas and looked around the area for someplace to go, something to do. We were determined not to let our day be ruined.

“Spring Mill Park has caves and it’s on our way home,” suggested Fred. I nodded in agreement and we headed off.

It was another hour and a half before we came to the park. As we approached the entrance we read a sign warning that the caves were closed to stop the spread of some disease. But we decided that we’d come this far so we might as well go in.

There was a pioneer villiage at the park. We walked around there and watched cornmeal be made at the mill. We then walked up the small path to the dam in the river but the rest of the trail was closed off. There was a cave up ahead but we couldn’t even get close. We were about to leave the park when Fred said he wanted to see the Gus Grissom memorial that they had there. He’d seen it before, years ago, but I’d never seen it. We pulled into the parking lot and got out. Before we could even get to the end of the car, a securiy guard popped her head out the door. “We’re closed!” she announced. “Of course,” both Fred and I muttered in return.

We made our way home and, upon arrival, watched National Lampoon’s Vacation. We laughed and while I noticed some similarities between Fred and Clark, there were more differences. Fred did not go crazy then hold up a security guard at gunpoint, forcing him to go on all the rides. He did not tie my beloved pet to the back of the car and then drive off. And he most certainly did not go skinny dipping with Christie Brinkley, though he probably wouldn’t mind that.

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