My favorite birthday memory (so far)

21 Dec

This time of the year is especially exciting for me because I have a December birthday. This year I celebrated in August with a cookout and I’m glad I did since it ended up snowing on my birthday. Fred sent me flowers at work, which was a nice surprise. My favorite birthday memory, though, was my 19th birthday, years ago.

I was in my freshman year at college, just home for Christmas break. My parents’ present was an autographed Christmas CD by my favorite local artist, Andrew Driscoll, and tickets to his show. My best friends were also going with us so it was doubly exciting.

Before the show started, my friends went backstage. I didn’t think anything of it because they’d worked with the local theater company before. I figured they were just popping back to say hello to everyone.

Little did I know they were plotting my surprise.

Near the end of the show, Andrew Driscoll (yes, I have to use his full name every time) paused between songs to talk to the audience. “We have a special young lady in the audience today who is celebrating her birthday.” As he spoke, someone from backstage handed him a bouquet of flowers. He walked down the stage steps and headed in my direction. “Her name is Liz and this next song is for her.” He handed me the flowers and started singing Sarah McClachlan’s “I Will Remember You.”  I could have died a happy woman right then.

Shortly afterwards, when the concert was over, Andrew Driscoll came back out and I got to personally thank him and get my picture taken with him. Unfortunately, my eyes are closed in the picture (this was pre-digital cameras) but it doesn’t matter.  I will always remember that birthday.

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One response to “My favorite birthday memory (so far)

  1. Amanda

    December 21, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Awww, you’re awesome, Liz!


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