Terrible: the opposite of super

06 Feb

Once again, we have arrived at Super Bowl Sunday and, once again, the Steelers are in position to take the cake.  Speaking of cake, I thought it would be fun to make one to share with Fred and his parents as we watched the big game together.  Fred and I will be cheering for the Steelers since my entire family requires it* and since our beloved Colts aren’t playing.  So, what better way to cheer them on than to have a cake to look like the Terrible Towel?

Before I even started I knew that my (lack of) artist skills would have some effect on the cake.  So I figured that I wouldn’t have the font exactly down, nor all the tiny writing but the basics I could get.  At the store I picked up mix of chocolate cake, along with cream cheese frosting and some black decorative frosting.  I had yellow dye at home so I could get the yellow just right.

After baking the cake, I let it cool in the kitchen while I napped.  When I woke up for lunch, I discovered that my cat had decided to take a bit of a taste of the cake.  Of course, she had to try some, not on the corner that would be easy to cut off, but about four inches in from the side.  Unwilling to waste the good 2/3 of the cake (and not really wanting to make another one), I cut off the bad part and proceeded to frost.  Not having a full-size cake really hurt the production value, as you will soon see.

First, though, here’s what a Terrible Towel looks like:

And here’s my rendition a la cake:

And it truly is a terrible cake!

*Almost everyone in my family went to Miami University where Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisburger went.  (And I do mean everyone: my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, two of my cousins…)


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2 responses to “Terrible: the opposite of super

  1. Jen

    February 6, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    I love you. you are so freakin great.

  2. Jane Locacio

    February 7, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Alas, for the cake and for the Steelers…the cake is sort of a visual analogy for the Steelers game.
    From the aunt who didn’t go to Miami!


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