Good to great reads

07 Jul

Like most people, I have a list of books I want to read.  Some people keep their lists in their heads.  Others, like my mom, have a sheet or two of paper with titles scrawled all over them.  Mom keeps hers in her purse.  Whenever we talk about books, which is often, and I say, “You need to read…”, she pulls out that rectangular piece of paper and a pen.  Diligently, she writes the title and author down in her small and delicate handwriting.

My list, however, is too long to fit on one or even two pieces of paper and my list grows every day that I’m at work.  So, I use an online database to help keep track of what I want to read and what I’ve already read.  Years ago I started with Shelfari, but have since changed over to Good Reads (Shelfari requires an Amazon account).  Good Reads has so many great features, like setting your own goal and then keeping track of how far ahead (or behind, like me) you are.  You can see what your friends are reading and update them on your progress of your current reads.  The best feature above all, though, is the giveaway page.  This is where users can go and enter for a chance to win ARCs (that’s Advanced Reader’s Copy for those of you not in the know) of books.

The first time I looked at the list of ARCs, there were over 700 titles.  I browsed them all, not wanting to miss anything.  While browsing, I learned about some new books and found others that were already on my to-read list.  Of course, I entered my name to win copies of several books.  The nice thing about this is that it tells you how many copies will be given away, how many people have entered, and how much time is left to enter.  I haven’t won anything yet, though.

I could go on (and on and on) about Good Reads but I won’t.  Hopefully I’ve whetted your appetite enough that you visit the site yourself.  If I know you, friend me!

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