Week 1 round-up

07 Nov

Just a quick update on my NaNoWriMo progress.

I am a bit behind right now.  I have only 8,070 words.  Mind you, I did start a day late, but then I was sick three other days.  So I’ve been not writing more than I’ve been writing.  It’s a little bit of a set back but all is not lost.  I have a few days off later in week 2 so I’m hoping to bust some words out then.

The plot is still forming in my mind, though a few things have become clearer to me.  Of course, I can’t really share that right now or I would spoil the fun.

As I write, I am struggling to come up with names of secondary characters and last names of the main characters.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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One response to “Week 1 round-up

  1. Jane Locacio

    November 8, 2011 at 9:35 am

    You go, girl…glad you are feeling better. Please don’t use Gertrude, Phyllis, or Cynthia. Would it start too much talk if you picked up a 10000 baby names book??? Anyway, your characters will probably name themselves — that is what my cats have to do. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t. My second chance cat (rescued from the streets of Binghamton) is named Mulligan (for the second chance shot you get in make believe golf — not in real golf) and he immediately knew it was his name. Very uncanny! Or uncatty as the case may be. Another cat was names Clarence (’cause he was long haired and almost white, looked sort of like a ghost) and he always responded to that…unfortunately, he has passed away. But another one is named LT for Little Tiger (obvious reason) but he absolutely refuses to recognize that is his name…probably because in his mind he is %$&^(*(^&()((!


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