17 Jan

This is a review for Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. I was granted access to a digital Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) through Edelweiss. The book is scheduled to come out in May 2013. This review contains spoilers.

Wedding NightWhen people ask me for a good beach read, one of the authors I recommend is Sophie Kinsella. Her books are light and fun, often with quirky characters and laugh-out-loud moments. I’ve read almost everything she’s written under the pseudonym (her real name is Madeline Wickham and I have yet to read any of those books, though I want to). She’s most known for her Shopaholic series, of which the first book was made into a movie. While the Shopaholic series is fun, I think Kinsella’s best works are her stand-alone titles. Remember Me? and Can You Keep a Secret? are my two favorites.

Kinsella’s next book is another stand-alone titled Wedding Night. Lottie expects that her long-term boyfriend Richard is poised to propose at a special lunch date. When he doesn’t propose, and seems downright frightened of marriage, Lottie tries to save face by dumping him. The next day she makes plans with Ben, an ex she hasn’t seen in 15 years. When they meet for lunch, a mixture of alcohol and nostalgia causes them to do the unthinkable. Ben proposes and Lottie accepts. But there’s one condition: no sex until the honeymoon.

Lottie’s older sister, Fliss, reviews hotels and spas for a travel magazine. She’s going through a divorce from Daniel, who doesn’t seem to care about their seven-year-old son Noah. After a two-week trip abroad, Fliss comes home to find her sister engaged – and set to marry the next day! Fliss disagrees with the choice, seeing as Lottie just got out of a relationship and Fliss hasn’t even met the bridegroom. But Ben and Lottie elope anyway and jettison off to the Greek island where they first fell in love. Determined not to let Lottie ruin her life through a messy divorce like her own, Fliss does everything in her power to stop the couple from consummating their marriage. Acting through the VIP concierge at the hotel (whom she bribes with a five-star review and personal profile), Fliss manages to keep the two apart.

In the meantime, Fliss is on her way to the Greek island to rescue her sister. In tow is her son, who provides great comic relief to awkward moments. At the airport, Fliss spots Ben’s business partner, Lorcan, who needs some papers signed, and Richard who is finally ready to declare his love for Lottie. Everything comes to a head when Lottie discovers the truth about Fliss, Ben, and Richard.

The plot is right up there with Kinsella’s other books – unusual and inventive. It had its predictable moments, like Fliss and Lorcan ending up together, as well as Lottie and Richard. But how they got there was still quite creative. I don’t think I could have come up with so many ways to keep people from consummating their relationship! There were a few actual laugh-out-loud moments, which is usually a guarantee in any Kinsella book. There were also lessons that different characters learned, which was good, but what was even better was that Fliss forgot hers right away and had to re-learn it. It’s something that a lot of us do, I think.

So, would I put Wedding Night up there as one of my favorites? No, but it was good entertainment and would recommend it to anyone in need of a laugh or needed something for vacation. That is, if they haven’t already read Remember Me?

 *If you want to understand the title of this post, then you’ll have to read the book.

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