Serving up a snoozer

20 Feb

In a previous post, I mentioned reading The Dinner by Herman Koch because it’s supposed to be the next big novel. Perhaps it will be but I can’t tell you whether or not it is because I didn’t even finish it.

The basic premise is two brothers and their wives go out for dinner on the town. Supposedly they are going to discuss the crime that their offspring committed but I didn’t get that far. I didn’t even make it out of the appetizers (the book is divided in sections by the courses). Typically, if I’m 50 or 100 pages into a book and I am not enjoying it, I put it down. This isn’t to say that the book doesn’t get better or is not good whatsoever, but I have so many books on my list (nearing 500 with more additions weekly) that I find it a waste of time to read something that is so painstakingly dull. (Well, except for that one time when I read Reached by Ally Condi because I knew that I would read the whole series just to see how it ended not matter what.) Supposedly there is some twist and/or big revelation near the end but I couldn’t fathom anything that would be good enough to get me to sludge through almost 300 pages to get to. So I dropped the book. Read it if you want, but I’m not going to keep it on my “to-read” list.

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