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Happy February, everyone! I thought I would just post an update on my projects and goals. Since it’s the middle of winter and flippin’ cold outside, what else are you going to do?

In January, I published 6 blog posts, which is almost as much as I published last year alone! Woohoo! One thing that did help me write more was having a working computer again. I purchased a new laptop with a keyboard that works flawlessly (unlike the previous one where I had to punch. the. keys. several times to get it to work even once). It’s also a lot faster than my previous computer and has a longer battery life. This has made writing a lot easier (as well as cutting down on actual time spent on the internet since I’m not waiting for forever for a page to load). My other big writing project (that is, my novel) is not coming along nearly as quickly as it should be. I really just need to buckle down and do it. Setting public (and attainable) goals are supposed to be motivating so here it goes by: February 28, 2013, at 11:59pm, I will have edited 60 pages of my novel. This may not seem like a lot to you, the reader, but trust me, it’s a lot. And by editing, I don’t just mean looking for grammatical errors, but also expanding and adding scenes as well as fleshing out descriptions. Three weeks hardly seems like enough time. But now it’s out there and I need to stick to it! (Any nagging is appreciated.)

Of course, I still am working on that never-ending reading list. At last count, I have 19 digital ARCs waiting to be read on my nook. Oy! The next one up is The Dinner by Herman Koch, which is actually set to be released a week from today. I heard it’s supposed to be the next big seller. I’ll let you know how it is. Currently, I am about to finish Beautiful Creatures, whose movie version is coming to theaters on Valentine’s Day. Since I am once again single, I will be going to a viewing with a friend/coworker who has also read the book and was just as instantly obsessed as I was. Seriously, talk about gripping the reader from the get-go.

Finally, I hope to have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards up on my Etsy shop by the end of the month. It may seem early for them, but I have to pay a small fee to post a listing and it lasts for only 4 months. By posting holiday cards 4 months out, I am getting the most for my money. Of course, I didn’t do this on time for Christmas last year or Valentine’s Day this year (I have some unlisted valentines – email if you’re interested!). So that’s another overall goal of mine: make and post cards 4 months before a holiday.

Alright…I won’t keep you any longer. Go. Enjoy time with your family. Have some hot cocoa around the fireplace and tell stories. Or, if you’re like me, grab your cat and share her body warmth. Cry into your cup of Ramen noodles and hope that life doesn’t stay like this forever.* Hope that one day, spring will come.


*To my family and friends reading this: Don’t worry; I don’t cry into my dinner. I wait until I’m in bed.

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No cons about it

I am one of the few people here that doesn’t have on a shirt with a pop-culture reference on it or is dressed in anime costume.  That’s because I’m at GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Once a year, gamers flock to the circle city for a four-day cavalcade of everything geek.  Now, I’m not full-blown geek but I am friends with people who are and I like geeky things.  I would call myself a wee-geek.  Some of my favorite shows share much of the same fan-base of the attendees here (those shows being Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Big Bang Theory).

This is my first GenCon and I’m only here because Judy offered to buy me a ticket for the day.  Judy and her husband, Tony, are a bit more hard-core geek than I am, although Judy doesn’t game and Tony does.  Even so, they’ve been attending GenCon for 8 years and have even made the trip to California for Comic-Con.  Tony has the biggest Star Wars collection I have ever seen; I once counted 30 huge tubs full of Star Wars items in his house.  That didn’t include all the stuff out on display, either.  Like I said, hard-core.

Judy and I skip the gaming rooms altogether and go straight to the booths.  Most booths are selling game pieces, t-shirts, strategy books, and collectibles.  Others are selling costumes, including some corsets (if I had the $100 to spare, I would get one).  Still others have science fiction and fantasy authors and artists.  The booths selling games have demo stations set up.  Everywhere I look, groups of people are playing all kinds of games.

I’m not as interested in the games as I am in the people.  Specifically, the people in costume.  There are all types and degrees of costume, from anime characters to goth fairies to steam punk.  It is fascinating.

My favorite part, though, has to be the goth lounge.  I have no idea what it is for but I am enthralled with the chaise lounge chairs, the chandelier-esque floor lamps, and the iron grating on the walls.  After Judy and I are done snapping pictures of the area, I turn to her and say, “I think you should decorate a room in your house like that!”  I’m sure she would, too, if she had the money.  Hell, I would if I had the money (and the house).

While I enjoy the few hours I am at GenCon, I probably won’t go again unless someone connected to Buffy or Big Bang Theory is there (and there’d be no stopping me if Neil Patrick Harris made an appearance).  But that’d be more likely at Comic-Con so perhaps I’ll have to attend that one year.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy my one purchase: a red “Bazinga!” shirt with Dr. Cooper’s face on it.  The fact that I’m excited about my purchase just goes to prove that I do, to a degree, fit into this group, even if I don’t look like it.

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That’s one ugly mug ya got

Fred refuses to go to the paint-your-own-pottery studio with me.  So the last time Jess visited, I dragged her in there.  She didn’t want to go but I whined enough until she caved.  She didn’t want to make anything for herself, though, and decided instead to paint a mug for me.  I was feeling adventurous so instead of doing my usual bowl or mug, I went for the jar with a lid.

As I painted away at my jar (not much creativity there – just a few different colors slapped on the inside and outside), Jess pondered what to put on my mug.  When inspiration hit her, she pulled out her driver’s license.  The state in which Jess lives no longer allows people to smile when getting a license.  The picture is also printed in black and white.  This is supposed to help cops identify features of people better.  Still, the first time I saw it, I gave out a little yelp.  Jess looked like a zombie in the picture, ready to eat my brain.  She knew it was an awful picture, and that’s exactly what she decided to paint on one side of my mug.  She called it the ugly mug.  Then she wanted to paint something on the other side of the mug and, in sticking with the theme, painted a butt, complete with a thong and zits.  This was the butt ugly mug side.

I’ll save everyone from having to view the zombie picture of Jess but here’s the butt ugly side:

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Doing it myself

I love doing crafts.  However, I usually don’t have the patience to finish everything that I start.  For instance, I’ve been working on one specific cross stitch pattern for 5 years.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the pattern or cross stitching, but I just don’t take the time to sit and do it.  There’s always something else I’m in the middle of doing or making.

Cross stitch is one of my favorite activities.  I’ve been cross stitching since I was 9.  Of course, back then I was only doing little ornament-sized patterns.  But as I grew, I got down the technique and started doing bigger patterns.  During one summer Olympics, I cross stitched Bert from Sesame Street while listening to the sporting events.  (Jess and I have this running joke that I’m Bert and she’s Ernie.)  A few years ago I picked up Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch, which has given me and my coworkers, to whom I give presents from the book, hours of smiles.  The book has even led me to create my own designs, like these:

I realize the picture is a little small so in case you can’t see it, it reads, “Daddy Drinks Cause You Cry” and the four corners have pacifiers.  This was given to my friend as a baby shower gift.  His wife is still talking to me, thankfully.

This was another gift to a coworker, who has gotten many smiles out of it through the years.  The year after she received this one I made her another one that read, “National Sarcasm Society – Like we need your support”.

The shorter the craft is, the more likely I am to follow through with it, but I also like the feeling of accomplishing something big.  So I take on those bigger crafts, thinking that this on will be the one I finish in record timing.  Alas, I have yet to find that grail.

Recently I was in Michael’s, which is dangerous in and of itself, and I saw a kid’s craft kit to make a media case.  Instantly I wanted to make one but I didn’t like the one I saw but there was no other pattern.  Slowly, I walked up and down the aisles, trying to think of a way to make my own, and as cheaply as possible.  After picking through the felt (only 20 cents per sheet!) I went home and started researching.  I wanted my case to look cute but I’m a horrible artist.  I scanned through craft books for image inspiration but didn’t come up with anything.  I then went online to Must Have Cute and looked at all those adorable pictures.  Inspiration did strike, several times, and I quickly jumped on getting the first one made.  Here it is (called iCupcake):

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