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Will the real Jackie Collins please stand up?

In college I participated in a program called Ambassadors of Change (AOC).  Freshman year I was an ambassador with about 30 other freshmen along with 10 upperclassmen to help lead groups.  Each group had a different topic and it was our goal in the program to come up with a way to teach others about that topic.  The program was only 4 days long but it was right before orientation so we pretty much had the campus to ourselves.  It was wonderful in many ways: we got to know a small group of people before being surrounded by thousands; we got to know the campus; we volunteered with different organizations; we learned about different causes.  I could go on and on but I won’t.  In short, it was through AOC that I met like-minded people and the leaders of tomorrow.

Sophomore year I came back as a group leader.  While I was still a bit in my shell, being a leader of a group helped me come out a bit more.  The upperclassmen had to come a few days before the ambassadors to get everything ready.  When we were given the list of freshmen that each group would have, I scanned the list.  One name jumped out at me: Jackie Collins.  Really?  Jackie Collins, like the author?  It made me laugh.  “I have got to meet this girl!” I said to myself.  She wasn’t in my group but I made it a point to talk to her.

This Jackie Collins loved to read but wasn’t a writer.  She was an opera singer.  She was high-energy, friendly, and funny.  She became one of my best friends and we still hang out when she’s not in rehearsal for a show.  Sometimes, when I’m at work, I like to tell people, “Yeah, I know Jackie Collins.”  When they give me a surprised look, I laugh and say, “Not the writer – the opera singer!”

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