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Et tu, Buffy?

Except for a few missing DVDs, I’ve watched all 9 seasons of Seinfeld.  I don’t think I could have appreciated it when I was younger because I wouldn’t have understood half of the jokes, but now I can.  Truly, I find the show funny and will continue to watch the reruns on TV.  I even bought Seinfeld Monopoly (okay, so it was on clearance but I should still get some credit for it).  The money has quotes from the show on it and the “Community Chest” and “Guess” cards (actually “Hellloooo!” and “Yada, Yada, Yada” cards) each make reference to episodes.  Now I can laugh as I lose at Monopoly.

But now that venture is gone, so where do we go next?  Fred suggested that we watch one of my favorite shows.  We’ve already gone through Arrested Development and I’ve heard him say, “They stole that from Seinfeld!” too many times when I mention Friends to suggest that.  So I suggested one of my other all-time favorite shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Thankfully Hulu has the first season up right now and we watched the first episode the other day.  While it is by far not my favorite episode, I thought Fred really needed to see the characters develop through the seasons (assuming that we will continue to watch).  Also, later seasons refer back to earlier episodes, especially in the comedic aspect, so it’s vital for any new Buffy viewer to start at the beginning.  He seemed to like it okay.  He laughed at a few of the jokes and said, “Booth!” when David Boreanaz came on the screen (he will always be Angel to me).  I have yet to find out if we will continue on this quest.  Even if he doesn’t watch the series with me, I might just go ahead and watch it all again myself.

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