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Here’s a penny – keep the change

My parents met in an accounting class at college.  My dad currently works as a VP of Finance for a non-profit group and my mom used to work in a bank.  Any financial questions I have I go directly to them.  At an early age, I was taught the importance of a decimal point in a price tag and how to spot incorrectly priced merchandise.

Mom and Pop Quiz: Which of the following is the cheapest?

A.  $.50 used paperback book
B.  $50 used paperback book
C.  .50¢ used paperback book
D.  $.50 used Nicholas Sparks book

Answer: C (although I will give credit if you answered D)

Wow!  Half a penny for a book!  What a great deal!

Sadly, I keep seeing this mistake more and more.  Every time, I die a little inside.  (Nashville, Indiana has a plethora of price tags marked for under a penny in many stores.  I nearly had a heart attack one Thanksgiving when I was down there with my grammar-Nazi roommate.  She shared my pain.)  Now, technically I could argue with the cashier and demand the price as marked but if the people putting up these price signs don’t know the importance of a decimal point, then something tells me that the cashier won’t either.

Imagine my pain every time I go into a Marsh and see this on the claw machine:

Words cannot express how sad I feel.  It is just so wrong on so many levels.

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