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Challenge accepted!

The publisher W.W. Norton tweeted names of novels with a winter twist. Some of the tweets include: Fifty Shades of Yellow Snow, Plowers for Algernon, Less Than Absolute Zero, and We Need to Talk About Kelvin. Oh, the puns! Norton has also retweeted some really great titles from its followers. For example: To Chill a Mockingbird, A Farewell to (the Feeling in My) Arms, Nowhere Near the Tropic of Cancer, and Gloves in the Time of Cholera.

I love them all! Of course, this is not the full list, nor am I crediting anyone here. To see more and who wrote what, look for Norton on Twitter @wwnorton or search for #ColdWeatherLit.

Of course, I can’t see these tweets and not share a few of my own ideas. Here are the ones I thought of (and others may thought of them, too, but I didn’t see any of them tweeted…though I didn’t look that hard).

The Scarlett Sweater

The House of Warmth

Alice’s Adventures in a Winter Wonderland

The Heart of Winter (or) The Winter of Darkness

Ethan Frozen

Bleak Winter

Dante’s Inferno Sounds Pretty Good Right Now

The Man in the Ski Mask

A Room with a Fireplace


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