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Sexualized youth

Last year I went costume hunting with Judy the day after Halloween.  Everything was half off – literally.  The “children’s” costumes were about as tame as the adult costumes.  I was (and still am) disgusted.

Just two weeks after that Fred, his parents, and I were at our alma mater for a basketball game.  The half time show was a bunch of girls, ages 8 to 14, dancing.  I have no problem with girls getting exercise or finding their talent.  But I have an enormous problem with 8 year olds dancing gyrating.

We see this all the time but do we really stop to think how we’re messing with our children’s psyche?  Go to your local mall and look at the display windows for Gap Kids or Limited Too.  How many mannequin abs can you spot?  What about shorts that could substitute for underwear?  People are so up in arms because Miley Cyrus (who will be 18 in a few months) has started dressing sexier but where is the surge of anger for the everyday clothes even younger kids are wearing?  Do we just ignore it because it’s cute and on sale?

To top it off, today I was on one of my favorite time-wasting websites Fail Blog when I came across this epic fail photo:

Words cannot describe how disgusted I am.  Not only is this a HUGE parenting fail, but who makes tiny stripper clothes for tots? I wish I believed in a hell so I knew that there was some place where people like this (and whoever made those clothes) would go.


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