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Goodbye Brickyard – Part 1

After my first going away party, I had a second, smaller party at one of Indy’s best pizza places: Bazbeaux Pizza. When Jess learned that I was going there before coming to Virginia, she asked me to bring her some (like it would last that long!). That’s how good Bazbeaux is.

I first experienced Bazbeaux my sophomore year at Butler University, when a group I participated in went out to Broad Ripple, the strip of bars and restaurants frequented by students. A few people in the group were vegetarian, like me. Having not been to Bazbeaux before, I thought that I was in for just some plain ol’ cheese pizza (which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not very exciting). Low and behold, they had just as many specialty vegetarian pizzas as they did for the meat eaters. There was a Chipotle pizza with black bean sauce rather than marinara, a Greek pizza with feta cheese and spinach, a Spring pizza with carrots and broccoli. There were so many choices, I didn’t know where to start! Thankfully, another vegetarian helped me out, as we would have to split the pizzas between several people. That day I tried the Chipotle pizza. It was different and a bit unusual, but I liked it.

The next time my family visited me, I insisted that we go to Bazbeaux. They instantly loved it, too, and it became a regular place for us to dine when they were in town.

So, after more than a decade of decadent pizza, I naturally had to give the place a proper farewell. When a coworker suggested dinner when she couldn’t make it to my first going away party at Mediterra (also in Broad Ripple), I picked Bazbeaux to be the place. The branch we went to was in Carmel, though, close to work. The group was smaller, but it consisted of people who couldn’t make it to the first party, so it turned out perfectly.


After dinner, I asked if someone would help me with another tradition that Jess and I partook in: posing with the statues in the Arts & Design District. Everyone decided to come on the outing. There was a fairly new statue that Jess and I never got a picture with because we couldn’t think of anything to do with it. The statue was a lady walking a small dog. I thought it might be funny to pose as if I were peeing on the dog:


Of course, it just looks like I’m trying to kick them at a weird angle, but that worked as that was my signature move for many statues over the years. Then someone suggested that I make it look like I was about to slap the woman:


And that was the end of my second going away party and the last time I’ll have Bazbeaux pizza (until I save up enough money to go visit!).

A few days after the Bazbeaux outing, I had my final shift at the store. A few friends popped in to say goodbye, which was great. Toward the end of my shift, though, I was ushered into the back to enjoy some gourmet cupcakes (I had a cream-cicle flavored one! Yummy!) and to open my going away present from the staff. One of my coworkers and great friend Burt is an illustrator (a great one at that!). He’d drawn a picture of me and my nephew donned in Hogwarts outfits and holding hands. We each had a wand, spraying out hearts, and above our heads he wrote, “Have a ‘magical’ time with your nephew!” The matte around the illustration was signed by my coworkers, wishing me luck and saying goodbye.


I currently have it sitting on the nightstand to I can see it as I lay down at night and wake up in the morning. When I get my own place, I will hang it on the wall and display it proudly. My friends’ words of love and support are very precious to me.

Once my shift was over, I went around to the staff that was there and got some more pictures to remember them by:

DSCN0067 DSCN0068 DSCN0069   DSCN0073 DSCN0074 DSCN0075 DSCN0076

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If copper skin is realistic…

There is a suburb just north of the city in which I live, that has an Arts and Design District.  Now, the suburb is pretty ritzy to begin with but the Arts and Design District makes the rest of the suburb look like the ghetto.  The streets are built up so that apartments sit on top of business that run along the main streets.  I once looked into one of these apartments, just for fun.  It was quite expensive for such a little place, although it was very nice and had vaulted ceilings.  Anyway, you get the picture.

Throughout the Arts District there are statues.  There’s an old man sitting and reading a paper on a bench, a woman carrying a grocery bag outside of the butcher shop, and a man playing a violin by the music store, just to name a few.  Some have flesh-colored skin but others have copper skin.  It’s far from life-like.  Recently on the radio there have been commercials for the Arts District in which the woman exclaims how she loves the statues because “they are so life-like!”  What, is she blind?

One that always creeps me out, though, is a little kid watering flowers (or dirt, depending on the season).  First of all, I can’t tell if it’s a girl or a boy.  Second, it is one of the statues that has the copper skin and that just creeps the shit out of me.

So, one time when Jess was visiting, we went to the Arts District for lunch.  After, we came upon the little kid statue.  Jess jumped when she saw it.  It gave her the creeps, too.  “I just want to kick that kid every time I see it!” I told her.  Jess whipped out her camera.  “Go for it!”

Thus a tradition was born.  Jess and I went around to all the statues and posed with them.

As the Arts District continues to grow, more statues are erected.  Whenever Jess visits, we take a trip to the Arts District and pose with the new statues.

This was actually just one picture of a series we took where I go through all the emotions of seeing this guy (my supposed boyfriend) kiss this chick.  It ends in me kicking the girl.

Here’s my favorite:

As soon as Jess and I saw this statue, there was no need to discuss what had to be done.  Why else would a cop put his hand out like that?  Okay, so the plate says its name is “Hello there” so maybe he’s waving to a kid.  But, come on!  Doesn’t it look like he should be slapping someone’s ass?

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